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Homeopathic first aid kit

A homeopathic first aid kit is a very useful item to have around the house, in the car on a vacation. The information provided is for guidance in treating First Aid situations. It is not intended to replace consultations with your doctor or your existing healthcare professional, or to replace diagnosis or treatment. The following twelve homeopathic remedies will be useful to treat most first aid situations.

Aconite, Apis Melifica, Arnica, Belladonna, Cantharis, Chamomilla Gelsemium, Graphites, Hypericum, Ledum, Nux Vomica, Rhus Tox.

Homeopathic remedies are made in different potencies. The most common potencies that you can purchase are 6c, 12c and 30c. Once you have chosen a remedy, the next consideration is how often to take it. For First Aid situations take one tablet every one to two hours for the first six doses (you can take fewer if the condition is relieved before this). If the condition does not improve after six doses, continue with one tablet two or three times a day until the symptoms are relieved. Once the condition is relieved, stop the treatment immediately.